ACCELERATE: The Impact Investing Program for Entrepreneurs

Founders and entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to develop creative solutions to global challenges as they become investors. Even if their goals and values are clear, key questions remain:

  • How to allocate financial and non-financial resources toward meaningful impact?
  • How to manage wealth and who to trust for advice to achieve this impact?
  • How to scale impact by building an ecosystem geared towards change?

ACCELERATE: The Impact Investing Program for Entrepreneurs is the first of its kind to support self-made wealth holders in finding answers to pressing questions related to the whys, hows, whats, and whos of impact investing.

Training participants are…

  • Ultra high-net-wealth founders and entrepreneurs
  • Facing a recent or upcoming liquidity event
  • Highly dedicated to impacting global challenges
  • Eager to engage in co-creative process and pave the way for future participants