Our Trainings

To enable the development of a sustainable financial system, CSP provides trainings that bridge the gap between knowledge and practice to inform better decision-making.

CSP is globally unique in its position at the intersection of research and training. We strategically and systematically research the key questions in sustainable finance and not only publish them in top-notch academic journals but also go the extra mile to inform key decision makers in our economy. The goal is to generate knowledge and to mobilize capital toward impact.

Our Programs

Whether next generation inheritors or self-made through successful entrepreneurship, wealth holders are uniquely positioned to catalyze impactful development at scale. CSP North America’s trainings equip high-net-wealth individuals with the technical and soft skills they need to leverage their assets to enable positive change. Research-based and expert-led, our programs help wealth holders turn the challenges of sustainable development into opportunities for impact.


Building on our solid track record of working with impact-driven wealth holders, we also offer in-house trainings via a range of institutional partners: from foundations to family office networks to universities and financial institutions. These programs draw on the latest research and our network of experts from academia and practice to meet your organization’s needs.

We conduct and aggregate the latest research on the most effective ways to deploy financial and non-financial capital for impact, and regularly publish knowledge products that equip the wealth holder community with the tools they need to help facilitate systems-level impact.