Sustainable Investing Making Investments Count

The CSP Applied Sustainable Investing in Wealth Management training takes the
learnings and materials from many years of work and turns them into a course
that helps wealth managers serve the sustainability interests of their clients

We have combined cutting-edge academic research with the nuts and bolts of
implementing sustainable investing in practice. This course provides the tools to
leverage the topic of sustainable investing in order to build strong client
relationships and be an industry leader mastering a theme that has an increasing
influence on the investment strategies of wealth owners.

You will learn about the dynamic field of sustainable investing and be able to lead
discussions in this subject with confidence. The course brings together CSP’s deep
experience from work with wealth owners and leading global research institutions
– a combination that provides answers to both the whys, whats and the hows of
sustainable investing.

Private wealth owners increasingly appreciate the support from their advisors in
learning more about sustainable investing – including impact investing, active
ownership, and thematic investing. Yet, these themes are relatively new, and
advisors often feel that they lack the tools to effectively and efficiently serve
their clients herein.

This highly curated wealth manager training program has been developed
specifically for the needs of managers, investment professionals and client
advisors of single and multi-family offices and private banks. The course provides
an interactive, engaging and practice-oriented experience that let’s participants
shape their tools to effectively support clients in bringing sustainable
investments to their portfolio. The training enables participants to take a leading
position in the rapidly developing field of sustainable finance.

The program is based on practical expertise from CSP’s work with wealth owners
and managers coupled with deep scientific research insights. The expertise of
the CSP research team is based on collaborations with scholars from MIT and the
Harvard Kennedy School.

The core of the program is developed at CSP Zurich and conducted by CSP
Singapore certified trainers.

Applied Sustainable Investing

in Wealth Management


This course is for financial professionals working at banks and wealth managers with
affluent to ultra-high net worth clients. Target roles include relationship managers,
wealth managers, private banking sales/account managers, product specialists and client


The CSP Applied Sustainable Investing in Wealth Management course combines years
of academic research with the practical principles of implementing sustainable investing
in practice.

Why Sustainable Investing is important in Wealth Management

Exponential growth in sustainable investments

Gap between wealth owners’ sustainable investing interests and actions

Wealth owners have different motivations for sustainable investing

Sustainable investing as a process

Sustainable investing tools and products

Sustainable investment portfolio for wealth owners

Real world sustainable investment funds

Tools and Approaches for Sustainable Investing

Screening – Exclusion and Best-in-Class

ESG Integration

Voting and Engagement – Active Ownership

Thematic and Impact

ESG ratings

Real world application of sustainable investing tools

Sustainable approaches by complexity and impact

Investor vs Company Impact

Impact of sustainable investment as an investor

Impact of sustainable investment on the company

Real world investment products by investor and company impact

Matching wealth owner’s motivation on impact with the right sustainable tools
and products


Basic understanding of ESG, SDGs and investment spectrum




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