Sustainable Investing Capabilities of Private Banks 2022

Sustainable Investing Capabilities of Private Banks 2022

CSP Zurich and partners proudly present the 4th edition of our report “Sustainable Investing Capabilities of Private Banks.”

Twenty financial institutions were assessed in the report, including UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Danske Bank, Triodos Bank, and Globalance Bank Ltd. Bank. The study, in collaboration with PwC Switzerland, focused on aspects of sustainability strategy and governance, sustainability risk, range and depth of sustainable investing products, and client interactions and reporting.

CSP Zurich’s private banking report series was launched in 2017, and the publications have influenced the sector ever since. Since 2019, when the last report was published, “the portion of assets managed using sustainable approaches has markedly risen to levels that have made sustainable investing a topic that cannot be ignored – neither by any bank nor by regulators and investors,” says Andrew Douglas, CFA, institutional programs manager at the CSP and co-author of the report.

“Nevertheless, we continue to see client advisors struggling with sustainable finance and needing continuing, in-depth training to become confident sparring partners for their more demanding clients looking to invest sustainably,” says Andrew.

Congratulations to the authors of the 2022 report: Taeun Kwon, Andrew Douglas, CFA, Dr. Antonios Koumbarakis, Sofia Tsankova, Martje Timmermann and Lara Rossi.

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