Our Work

How do we help investors and practitioners have impact?

Strategic allocation of capital can be a key lever for achieving enduring social, environmental, and economic progress. CSP North America’s work bridges the gap between knowledge and practice. By connecting private wealth holders, practitioners, researchers, and experts, CSP North America contributes to systemic change of the financial ecosystem.

The work of CSP addresses three barriers in steering capital to impact:

  • Knowledge
  • Capabilities
  • Support networks

These barriers are addressed through:

  • Research on the key questions in sustainable finance
  • Trainings that bring research to practice
  • Engagement that amplifies the work of CSP and partners



Lack of independent data on how private wealth can be mobilized and invested for the greatest impact.



We conduct rigorous academic research, produce high-level analysis, and collect best practices on how to mobilize private wealth in order to have real-world impact.


Wealth holders and their wealth managers do not have sufficient, relevant information to take action and create the greatest impact within their portfolios.


We run training programs for wealth holders in order to fill knowledge gaps and inform decision-making.


Wealth holders face social barriers that prevent them from moving toward impact. They need strong social support systems to help them on their impact journey and connections with peer groups that inspire and encourage them.


We actively engage with the impact investing ecosystem in order to broaden our reach and to support wealth holders in acting as advocates and changemakers within their communities.

Hear from program alumni

A woman with glasses and long blond hair speaking
Lisa Dubost Early Airbnb Employee, Program Alumna

From the moment I got access to my capital, I felt a huge sense of responsibility. This program is for anyone who is in doubt or is lacking clarity on what they can really do with their wealth.

Raffi Mardirosian Former Vice President at Ouster, Program Alumnus

The question that brought me here was ‘What is impact investing?’ and as someone with newly acquired wealth, what could I do with the wealth to make the world a better place?

Kai Kühne Early Airbnb Employee, Program Alumnus

There is a profound need for change and to solve urgent problems now. We need to consider how we can use all our resources, including capital, to contribute to solutions.

A man in a checkered shirt smiling and looking to the side
Cameron Tomkins-Bergh Entrepreneur, Program Alumnus

Being curious to learn is the best thing you can do. Because this field is new, we can be dramatic change agents crafting the direction impact investing or climate investing takes.