Does ESG integration impact the real economy?

Does ESG integration impact the real economy?

Ever wondered how much of a difference #ESG integration, the most widely used sustainable investment approach, makes to the real economy? Today, we launch our newest report commissioned by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, exploring this question precisely.

The answer to this question is key to better understanding how concrete actions of financial institutions are related to meaningful change in the real economy, especially since around USD 25 trillion is invested under an ESG integration approach, representing around a quarter of all professionally managed assets globally.

You can learn more and download CSP Zurich’s report “Does ESG integration impact the real economy? A theory of change and review of current evidence” here:

Congratulations to the authors Anne KellersJulian Kölbel, and Florian Heeb, and special thanks to the IR club Schweiz and Ethos Foundation (Switzerland) for their help.

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