CSP Alumni in the News: Chung, Schwarz, Scodro

CSP Alumni in the News: Chung, Schwarz, Scodro

“The program has barely been advertised since its founding in 2015 and word is spread through old-money networks and among European royalty. Alumni include Chung Kyungsun, grandson of Hyundai Group’s founder, and Antonis Schwarz, who came into his fortune aged 16 when the drugmaker his great-grandfather helped found was sold for 4.4 billion euros ($5 billion).”

Harvard Course Teaches Rich Millennials How to Do Good (and Make Money), Bloomberg, Oct 2019 (link)


“When 31-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur Fernando Scodro set about persuading his parents to adopt impact investing as the primary strategy for their family office, he took a radical step. He gathered all the materials from a course he had taken on the subject — “Impact Investing for the Next Generation”, run jointly by Zurich and Harvard universities.”

Rich millennials push to put family wealth into impact investments, Financial Times, Oct 2019 (link)

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