CSP Alumni in the News: Chung, Schwarz, Scodro

“The program has barely been advertised since its founding in 2015 and word is spread through old-money networks and among European royalty. Alumni include Chung Kyungsun, grandson of Hyundai Group’s founder, and Antonis Schwarz, who came into his fortune aged 16 when the drugmaker his great-grandfather helped found was sold for 4.4 billion euros ($5 […]

Does ESG integration impact the real economy?

Ever wondered how much of a difference #ESG integration, the most widely used sustainable investment approach, makes to the real economy? Today, we launch our newest report commissioned by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, exploring this question precisely. The answer to this question is key to better understanding how concrete actions of financial […]

Sustainable Investing Capabilities of Private Banks 2022

CSP Zurich and partners proudly present the 4th edition of our report “Sustainable Investing Capabilities of Private Banks.” Twenty financial institutions were assessed in the report, including UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Danske Bank, Triodos Bank, and Globalance Bank Ltd. Bank. The study, in collaboration with PwC Switzerland, focused on aspects of sustainability strategy and […]

Aggregate Confusion Paper Published in the Review of Finance

The paper “Aggregate Confusion: The Divergence of ESG Rating” has been published in the Oxford Academic Review of Finance! Congratulations to authors Florian Berg, Julian Kölbel, and Roberto Rigobon. Julian, Head of Research at the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth in Zurich, summarizes their key findings below: The paper investigates how much and […]

Blended Finance: When to use which instrument?

Check out the summary of CSP Zurich’s paper “Blended Finance: When to use which instrument? Phase 1: Clusters and decision-making factors”. PDF summary of “Blended Finance: When to use which instrument? Phase 1: Clusters and decision-making factors” A must-read for #ESG professionals and impact investors! – ‘Taxonomy’ of different financial instruments needed to structure blended […]

Boom in ESG ratings leaves trail of confusion

The market for impact investment consulting is lucrative and growing. However, the diversity of methods for ESG ratings is increasingly becoming a curse for the effectiveness of SI and confuses investors who want to create impact. Hence, for impact creators struggling with #AggregateConfusion, a widely accepted definition and standards following it are much needed. This […]