We empower wealth holders and institutions to mobilize capital for impact

Bridging science and practice to achieve lasting systems change

CSP North America is uniquely positioned at the intersection of research and training, bringing together scientists, wealth holders, and investment professionals to generate knowledge and move capital towards impact.

To mobilize private wealth to achieve the targets set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

From questions to knowledge: Answering the key questions on how to maximize investor impact and how to enable investors to move their financial and non-financial resources impact.

From knowledge to action: Building on research-based expertise, our training programs provide a supportive platform for learning, practice, and reflection in the company of other motivated peers.

From action to change: The journey doesn’t stop at training. CSP connects its community with a “network of networks” to amplify their impact and contribute positively to systemic change.

Our Programs

Want to learn more about how you can apply your resources, skills, and passions to catalyze sustainable development? CSP North America offers science-informed trainings for wealth holders, business founders, foundations, endowment managers, and financial institutions looking to do just that.

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